Setting Formula Parameters

Depending on the formula parameters can be selected in the parameter window of the fractal: After having assigned a formula (i.e. transformation, iteration formula or coloring) the parameter window will offer you all parameters (variables declared with the parameter  keyword) and user functions which the formula defines.
ChaosPro params User Interface
A formula can define any number of parameters. Each parameter can be enabled/disabled or shown/hidden depending on other parameters. That means: If you change the value of one parameter, then another parameter can suddenly disappear or appear.

The formula can define hints for each parameter or user function to provide a short explanation of how to use the setting: When you move the mouse over a setting this hint will appear (only if there is one, of course)…

A formula can define parameters. Depending on the parameter type the GUI element is displayed:

  • a checkbox for boolean parameters (checking it means TRUE, otherwise FALSE)
  • a drop down combo box for enumeration parameters (integer parameters which have an enumeration description).
  • an entry field for real (float, double) values.
  • two entry fields for complex values.
  • four entry fields for quaternion values.
  • an image (texture) selection object for two dimensional arrays. The array will be initialized with the values from the image.

Whenever a complex number can be chosen a small button containing a hand ChaosPro hand User Interface will appear at the right side of the parameter: By clicking onto this hand (it will appear sunken) you will enter a special selection mode: If you then move the mouse pointer over any fractal image ChaosPro examines the complex number belonging to the current pixel under the mouse pointer and sets the parameter to that value. If you click onto the fractal using the left mouse button the current value gets set and the fractal will be updated. Clicking with the right mouse button terminates that mode, leaving the parameter unchanged (all changes are undone). You can also terminate this mode by clicking onto the hand again such that it appears raised.

And even more: If you hold down the left mouse button while you are in this selection mode all changes are applied immediately and the fractal gets redrawn on every change. This makes it possible to explore Julia sets: Calculate a Mandelbrot set, calculate the corresponding Julia set for that formula. Then choose the parameter ‘c’ of the Julia set, enter the selection mode and place the mouse pointer on the Mandelbrot set. Press the left mouse button and – while having it pressed – move the mouse over the Mandelbrot set: The Julia set will change as you move the mouse over the Mandelbrot set. This selection mode is available with any  complex parameter.

Below the parameters the user functions of the formula can be selected. Most formulas won’t have user functions. But if there are any, they are presented here.

User Interface