Predefined Functions – cosxx

Function name: cosxx – Old buggy cos function from FractInt
Synopsis: cosxx(x)

Input data type Output data type
real real
complex complex
quaternion unsupported


This function implements the cosxx function from FractInt. FractInt had a bug in the cos-function. This bug has been removed. In order to reproduce fractals which used this buggy function, the cosxx function has been introduced. ChaosPro can load formulas containing that cosxx function. if cos(x+iy) = a+ib, then cosxx(x+iy) calculates a-ib (i.e. the imaginary part has the wrong sign).

ChaosPro automatically detects the input data type.

In order to calculate cosxx(z) ChaosPro performs the following calculation:

  cosxx(z) = cosxx(x+iy) =  

0.5*(exp(y)+exp(-y))*cos(x) - 0.5*(exp(-y)-exp(y))*sin(x)