Predefined Functions – hiquat

Function name: hiquat
Synopsis: hiquat(x)

Input data type Output data type
real unsupported
complex quaternion
quaternion complex


This function lets you create a quaternion number from a complex number and a complex number from a quaternion number.

Given a complex number c=(cr,ci) hiquat(c) returns the quaternion number (cr,ci,0,0)

Given a quaternion number q=(qr,qi,qj,qk) hiquat(q) returns the complex number (qr,qi)

Thus given a complex number c=(cr,ci) we have hiquat(hiquat(c))=c

Or given a quaternion number q=(qr,qi,qj,qk) we have hiquat(hiquat(q))=(qr,qi,0,0)

See also loquat for converting the j and k part of a quaternion…