Formula Compiler – Language Reference

ChaosPro (since version 2.1) has a builtin compiler which is able to create ready-to-run machine code. This compiler replaces the formula editor. For backward compatibility the former formula editor is still there, but I recommend not to use it any more.

The formula compiler has its own language which is similar to well known languages: If you already know how to write code in C/C++ or Java you will not have much difficulty in writing great and fast formulas.

ChaosPro lets you write formulas and provides three interfaces to formula classes.
You need not understand what I’m talking about right now, but just for introductory purposes I’ll mention the interfaces:

  • Transformations
  • Iteration formulas
  • Coloring formulas

There are two fractal types – “Escapetime” and “Quaternion” – which use these formulas (e.g. transformations, iteration formulas and colorings) to create a fractal. Fractal type Escapetime is ment to replace the type “Formula”. I recommend not to use it any more. Old formulas and fractals of type=Formula get converted. For more information about conversion see the Compatibility chapter

The following chapters describe the formula compiler in detail.

Language Reference