Keyboard support

ChaosPro can be controlled not only by using the mouse, but also by using the keyboard.

  • The following more general key combinations exist:

    Shift + <Return> Starts the fractal calculation
    ALT + Tab-key Windows hotkey: activates the next window
    ESC Closes the current window. If the keyboard focus is on an element inside a window, the keyboard focus will be given to the parent (i.e. the window). You then have to press ESC twice: The first key press will remove the focus from the entry field, the second key press will close the window.
    F1 Opens the help window.
    F2 Lets you rename the current fractal.
    Shift+F2 Lets you rename the current folder.
    F5 Refresh: By pressing F5, the fractal gets recalculated.
    Shift+F5 Refresh: By pressing Shift+F5, the fractal gets redrawn, i.e. the colors get reassigned (same as re-assigning the current palette).
  • Many menu commands can be accessed by using a hotkey. Have a look at the menu commands to see the hotkeys.
  • The various input elements in ChaosPro can be activated using a hotkey, too. The following rules apply:
    Input elements Input elements which can be activated using the keyboard indicate this by an underlined character in their label, or, in case of elements without a label, by the tooltip, which then contains a description of the shortcut. The shortcut can be activated using ALT + <key>, where <key> is the key indicated by the underlined character or specified in the tooltip
    Slider/entry ChaosPro sometimes uses a combination of a slider and an entry field for adjusting a parameter, for example when specifying the number of iterations. In this case the shortcut will activate the entry field. If you’d like to activate the slider, you need to hold down the Shift key, too. So for example ALT+I activates the entry field, ALT+Shift+I activates the slider.
    Tabs The different tabs of a tabcontrol don’t use the ALT+<key> combination in order to not interfer with the standard key combinations. Instead, you need to press either ALT+Ctrl+<key> or Ctrl+Shift+<key> (both combinations will work).

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