Changes from ChaosPro V3.1 to V3.2


  • Bug fixed means that the bahaviour was not intended by the author and has been changed.
  • New means the feature is new
  • Changed means the behaviour of ChaosPro has been changed in any way, most of the time in order to make ChaosPro more intuitive.
  • Improved means the behaviour has been improved somehow.

List of Changes

  • New: Container Bar added
    The container is a window at the right side of the main window. Other windows can be placed in this window and are automatically arranged vertically. The container can be attached to the main window or it can be put into its own window.
  • Changed: Fractal Types replaced
    Fractal types Julia1, Mandel1, TieraJulia, TieraMandel, Julia24, Mandel24, Formula, Bifurcation and Lyapunov Space have been completely removed. Formulas for fractal type Escapetime have been written which imitate the old fractal types in order to maintain compatibility. If ChaosPro encounters parameter sets from old ChaosPro versions which make use of these fractal types, then the fractal type Escapetime will be used to calculate these fractals.
    If you want to use the old fractal types, just create an Escapetime fractal, go to the formula tab, right click the formula selection icon: There you can select (and define) presets (predefined fractal parameter sets): The old fractal types are now just presets…
  • Bug fixed: If you created a 3D transformation and used fog, then the result sometimes was somehow strange. Has been fixed to look more natural…
  • New: Compiler enhancement
    Formulas now can contain the keyword “shared” before a variable declaration in order to indicate that the variable should be shared between the iteration formula and the coloring formula. This makes it possible to write coloring algorithms which can access the variable of a formula.
  • New: Compiler enhancement
    You now can define a function using “function complex ;” or “function color fn2″. Such a statement defines a constant variable __, which can be queried for the current user selection. So you can write: if (fn1=="sin") { // do something }
  • New: Compiler enhancement
    Formula flag for Escapetime iteration formulas:
    this.functionorder=0 ==> Bailout function will be called right after the loop function has been called.
    this.functionorder=1 ==> Bailout function will be called at the beginning of an iteration, and after that the loop function will be called.
  • Bug fixed: FractInt parameter sets with huge palette entries were not loaded correctly. Only the first 512 bytes were used by ChaosPro, thus the palette has not been completely loaded into ChaosPro.
  • New: Fractal Popup Window
    Pressing the right mouse button in fractal window while holding down the SHIFT-Key brings up a context menu for fast access to several commands.
  • Bug fixed: The compiler had difficulties in correctly identifying negative integer numbers: So it often happened that “-3″ was not recognized correctly.
  • Bug fixed: Layers now can be renamed: Simply press F2 or click onto the label with the left mouse button in order to start layer label name editing
  • New: Quaternion export to POVRay
    Quaternions can now be exported to POVRay. But please note that POVRay only has a base formula. ChaosPro will use that formula, so the resulting POVRay quaternion will be correct only if you use the formula z^2+c.
  • New: Fractal Presets
    Escapetime and Quaternion fractals now let you define presets: You can add the settings of the current tab (or the whole fractal) to a list of presets. And by using the “Select formula” button you can quickly choose one of the presets. The fractal types Julia/Mandel/Julia Tiera, etc. from previous versions of ChaosPro can now be found in the list of presets.
  • Improved: ChaosPro and Windows XP schemes
    ChaosPro now correctly renders on Windows XP either with or without schemes. Former versions of ChaosPro used wrong background colors, thus the user interface looked somewhat strange.
  • Bug fixed:Editing of write-back parameters
    ChaosPro did not allow to adjust a flame parameter during rendering of a flame fractal (which used the parameter write-back feature). You had to wait until the render was finished, because otherwise the fractal thought that the parameter has been changed. This bug has been fixed, you now can adjust a parameter at any time…
  • Bug fixed: Title bar of fractal window flickered heavily during resize
  • Bug fixed: The rightmost 3 rows of a Layered Fractal were drawn in scrollbar mode although they did not belong to the fractal (they just were there in order to align the width to a multiple of 4)…
  • Bug fixed: When switching to scrollbar mode the window flickered, was brought to front, layeres suddenly showed their window although it should be hidden…
  • Bug fixed: Fractals using formulas which tried to allocate huge arrays just threw an exception in case of “OutOfMemory” instead of displaying a meaningful error message
  • Bug fixed: On resize the width/height of the workarea was not updated
  • … many more bugs fixed …

List of Changes from V3.1 to V3.2