Changes from ChaosPro V3.0 to V3.02


  • Bug fixed means that the bahaviour was not intended by the author and has been changed.
  • New means the feature is new
  • Changed means the behaviour of ChaosPro has been changed in any way, most of the time in order to make ChaosPro more intuitive.

List of Changes

  • Bug fixed: Default Property did not work always.
  • Bug fixed: Creating animations could produce duplicate images or corrupt images or corrupt animations: This was due to the animation system continuing with the next frame before the current frame was saved.
  • Bug fixed: Stop/Resume did not work for Layered Fractals. Menu item added.
  • Bug fixed: Pasting a parameter set with fractal type != LayeredFractal did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Hints specified for of checkboxes and function did not work. Hints specified for formulas assigned to quaternions did not work.
  • Bug fixed: Compiling some formulas crashed ChaosPro due to a stack overflow (too many if-clauses). The stack overflow check routine contained a bug: Normally in such cases the stack increases, and this “increase” routine was buggy.
  • Bug fixed: Cloning a compiler formula using the toolbar button cloned the formula *and* deleted the current project due to a missing stop command.
  • Bug fixed: Deleting a formula now asks for confirmation.
  • Bug fixed: In some rare cases starting a fractal calculation could crash ChaosPro.
  • Bug fixed: Changing task priority did not work. Additionally the menu item did not display the current settings.
  • Bug fixed: Pressing F1 did not bring up the help file if you just used the number picker button or a slider.
  • Bug fixed: Removing a coloring formula from a Quaternion did not work. Default formula was not correctly restored.
  • Bug fixed: If you tried to assign a formula to a fractal for which it was not written (i.e. a quaternion formula to an escapetime fractal or vice versa), ChaosPro got confused. This has been changed: ChaosPro now complains if you want to assign a wrong formula to a fractal.
    But notice: If there is a formula which has been written for “Escapetime” and can be used with Quaternions, then you can assign it to a quaternion. ChaosPro only complains if the formula then would produce compiler errors.
  • Bug fixed: Loading and saving the config file skrewed up the entries “AnimPath” and “PicturePath” if the path contained a white space.
  • Bug fixed: The configuration file calculated the size of the main application window wrong: Whenever the config file was written, the window size was 1 pixel too small.
  • Bug fixed: If you edited a numberic value in an entry field and pressed return, the fractal is recalculated. If the entry field then lost focus, the fractal was recalculated again. This has been fixed: ChaosPro now checks whether the entry field actually changed its value since the previous recalculation.
  • Bug fixed: Quaternion constants were not initialized correctly.
  • Bug fixed: Compiling quaternion formulas containing constant subexpressions of type quaternion were not handled correctly by the compiler. Additionally, when a subexpression referenced a predefined variable it did not work correctly.
  • Bug fixed: On some systems ChaosPro crashed on exit.
  • Bug fixed: Sometimes (especially Win98) tooltips appeared *behind* the window…
  • Bug fixed: If you had a fractal which used a formula and you rapidly changed formula parameters then ChaosPro sometimes crashed: Reason: You interrupted the calculation thread when it was compiling the formula. This left the compiler in an undefined state. Normally it does not matter because at the beginning of a formula compilation the compiler gets reset. Unfortunately some internal stacks were not reset…
    This bug occured especially when rapidly changing formula parameters on complex formulas (because on complex formulas it is more likely that the interruption occurs during compilation and not after that in the fractal calculation…). And of course it occurred especially on slower systems (300Mhz and below).
  • Bug fixed: Zoom animations were calculated wrong: Sometimes the fractal flipped upside down: Reason: When interpolating using Spline interpolation a corner gets interpolated without looking at another corner. Fixed: Now only the radius gets interpolated…

List of Changes from V3.0 to V3.02