ChaosPro is quite a huge program, thousands of lines of C/C++ code and thousands of lines of assembler code.

It would have been impossible without the encouraging help of other people, testers, formula writers. This page is dedicated to them.

ChaosPro makes use of the following packages which have been written by other great programers:

  • libpng V1.2.4 (PNG Reference Library) – Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Glenn Randers-Pehrson: The PNG library has been written by several people (Simon-Pierre Cadieux, Eric S. Raymond, Gilles Vollant, John Bowler, Kevin Bracey, Sam Bushell, Andreas Dilger, Magnus Holmgren, Tom Lane, Dave Martindale , Glenn Randers-Pehrson, Greg Roelofs, Guy Eric Schalnat, Paul Schmidt, Tom Tanner, Willem van Schaik and Tim Wegner). This easy to use, fast library is used to save and load PNG files. It makes use of the zlib library.
  • zlib1.1.4 from Jean-loup Gailly ( and Mark Adler ( Visit for the official zlib web page.

    This library is used for loading and saving PNG files (the PNG library uses the compression/uncompression routines offered by this libary).
    Additionally this library is used to decompress compressed UltraFractal parameter sets. And finally it is used in order to unzip downloaded zip files when using the automatic Formula Update feature from ChaosPro.

  • JPEG library V6b from the Independent JPEG Group. This very fast library is used to load and save JPG images.
  • MAPM package from Mike Ring: This package offers arbitrary precision math. Several numbers in ChaosPro need more precision than the FPU offers. Especially the animation system needs to perform calculations with more precision. The MAPM package is easy to use and flexible. There are some other arbitrary precision math packages out there. But their authors were not even capable of writing a decent makefile. The MAPM package can be used out of the box: Download it, and start using it directly!

Documentation Reviewers

  • Ken Grant
    He is currently reviewing and correcting the documentation. As he is a native english speaker, he improved the readability of some pages enormously. Thank you very much, Ken!


Many thanks to all my testers. Endless mails, many hints and tips. Endless versions were mailed to them, and they did not stop finding bugs. Thanks a lot.

ChaosPro bullet Credits  Mario Beauchamp ChaosPro bullet Credits  William Clock ChaosPro bullet Credits  Julian Dederby
ChaosPro bullet Credits  Buaran Duhn ChaosPro bullet Credits  Valery Kritchallo ChaosPro bullet Credits  Jake and Mac Melon
ChaosPro bullet Credits  Rolf Schulz ChaosPro bullet Credits  Bill Smith ChaosPro bullet Credits  James Smith

Formula Authors

Without their help the ChaosPro distribution would have only a few formulas, just very small examples of how you can write your formulas. I do not have the time, nor do I have enough fantasy to write them.

ChaosPro bullet Credits  Marcelo Anelli ChaosPro bullet Credits  Paul Carlson ChaosPro bullet Credits  Sylvie Gallet
ChaosPro bullet Credits  David Makin ChaosPro bullet Credits  Kerry Mitchell ChaosPro bullet Credits  Samuel Monnier
ChaosPro bullet Credits  Gedeon Peteri ChaosPro bullet Credits  Stig Pettersson ChaosPro bullet Credits  Luke Plant
ChaosPro bullet Credits  Erik Nathan Reckase ChaosPro bullet Credits  Mark Townsend